15 August 2006

So, who's to blame here?

As the Israelis pull out of Lebanon it occurs to me to wonder:  Here in the U.S. it is fashionable (and I do mean fashionable) to blame the President for the rise of terrorist acts against us.  I wonder if, as Lebanese pour back into their villages, they will blame Hezbollah for the Israelis’ (counter) attack.  I expect not.  Inasmuch as it is fashionable here for liberals to blame the President for terrorist acts (excepting, apparently, any terrorist acts committed against us during President Clinton’s term in office), it is fashionable among middle easterners to blame the Big and Little Satans.  It’s the new “Salem” witch trials:  Regardless the evidence, it always proves that the defendant is a witch.

Oh, yeah:  Hezbollah still have those two kidnapped Israeli soldiers, don’t they?


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