16 August 2006

Mexico's next government

Now that it is clear—despite the charges of fraud that have become so typical of leftist losers the world over—that the Felipe Calderon will be Mexico’s next president, Michael Barone has a few thoughts on what his government might look like:

Vicente Fox's election in 2000 was greeted as a new era in Mexico, one in which it seemed suddenly possible that all of Mexico's problems hadbeen solved. But many of Fox's admirers have been disappointed by the results. Perhaps unduly disappointed: Mexico's economy is growing at a good rate, its currency seems stable (no devaluation since 1994), there has been progress in strengthening the rule of law. Calderón seems prepared to offer further reforms, which may well be passable in the Congreso. Countries don't change overnight. But Mexican voters' decision, by a very narrow margin, to elect Felipe Calderón seems to put Mexico on a trajectory to further progress to freer markets, more economic growth, stronger democratic institutions, and rule of law.

Being, as I describe myself, a right-of-center Christian-Democrat, I am a fan of PAN, part of the worldwide Christian Democracy movement, I remain hopeful, despite being a bit disappointed with Presidente Fox.  I  spent two years of my childhood in Mexico; and my family vacationed there several times a year after we moved back to the U. S.  So I’m well-disposed toward Mexico.  We’ll see.

H/T: Instapundit


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