30 August 2006

Quiet Time

Quiet Time

In this the waking hour
there is sometimes not a sound to be heard
not even this time thankfully the dull
maddening cacophony of racing thoughts
in an already overcrowded lecture hall
(twelve hundred voices—all of them mine—
in a private auditorium demanding
the man solitary at the podium
attend to them all at once and yesterday dammit).

This time, this time (mark it!)
that dissonant audience is wonderfully absent
displaced thankfully by a gently-babbling
brook of comforting silence. Yes that’s it:
the sound of silence, listened for,
it can be audible and the usual tyranny deposed
and during this interregnum displaced
by some laissez-faire regime of meandering,
no, sauntering mindless thoughts.

Interesting phraseology that: mindless thoughts.
Like a pointless trail? Movement to contact
with no LD/SP, no objective? Yes, a road to nowhere
celebrated by some talking heads, no destination,
no map. Get lost (somehow) along the way and
enjoy the landscape, the view, the ‘points of interest’
where nothing particularly important or interesting
ever happened and even if they did no one cares.

Yes, enjoy it for the crowd will find you
soon enough and resume their demands.

Now and here let me be found
by some burning bush. Speak
for your servant barefoot listens

19 June 2006

Copyright 2006 James Frank Solís


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