22 December 2008

A couple of favorite scenes from one of my favorite Christmas-season movies

(And no it's not, It's a Wonderful Life. Not that there's anything wrong with it.)

I have a confession: one of my favorite movies to watch this of time year is Ernest Saves Christmas, starring Jim Varney (the voice of "Slinky Dog" in Toy Story). (I know it has nothing to do with the "reason for the season". I don't watch movies when I want to reflect upon the reason for the season. It's one of my favorites only because Varney, a Shakespearean actor, by the way, was one of my favorites, just so we're clear.)

There are two scenes in it I particulary enjoy. In the following, he and a young girl disguise themselves, go into a jail in order to break Santa Claus out of it.

Here's another one, in which he's helping Santa Claus break onto a movie lot:

My wife and I watched it (as we do every year at this time) on Friday. That's how it comes to be on my mind. It's great for stupid lines, and obscure references for all occasions, such as, "Would anyone else like some cranberry sauce shaped like a can?"

As long as we're thinking about Jim Varney, he's an interview he did on Good Morning American:

People who don't know me well always ask how a guy like me can enjoy stupid movies. Well, as Roald Dahl wrote: A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

Note: I'm not a wise man, but play one on the internet.


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