03 December 2008

The economic crisis as a test, not of capitalism, but of post-modernism

And it is a test which post-modernism fails.

My friend Curtis Schwietzer, in a comment to this posting, says:

The current economic crisis, then, is perhaps the greatest argument against the idea that "reality" is merely a construct of language. After all, there has perhaps never been a greater and more expensive attempt to change reality through language than the unending insistence that subprime loans be given AAA status. Whether we meant to or not, we put postmodernism up to experiment.
It is an interesting argument. I think the post-modernist can offer a rebuttal. Several, in fact, but one sort of rebuttal comes to mind.

I'll have to post that rebuttal later. And, of course, I'll be somewhat at a loss, not being personally intellectually committed to pomo myself. If nothing else, it'll be fun.


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