09 December 2008

Would they be in this kind of hurry if McCain had won?

Obama should be sworn in already. Dan Rather would prefer 1 December. These people. They wouldn't be singing the same tune if their man's opponent had won.

And referring to the period between the election and the taking of office as an "interregnum" shows exactly how they view the Office of the President. In the republic which the Constitution created the President has only to execute the laws. He doesn't have and exercise magic economy-healing powers

The fact that it matters so much who the President is, that some crisis means the new guy needs to take office right away, ought to tell us something is wrong with our attitude towards the government. Well, not "our" attitude. But some people's. For some people, the State really is the march of God through the world (well, when their guys are running it, anyway). For some others, its just a necessary irritation. And for some others of us, the State is the march of Satan through the world.

You people can just wait. Republicans waited in 2000. It's your turn.


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