15 December 2008

Dems become hoarse when topic is UAW

That what Colorado newsman, Chuck Green has to say. (The man should have a nationally syndicated column, so I can follow it more easily.) Apparently, the UAW believes that the way for employees to thrive is to drive their employers into bankruptcy:

The union single-handedly told the Democrat Party and the rest of the nation to stuff it Thursday night, refusing to agree to any concessions in its lucrative contracts with the Big Three auto makers - General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. Without the union’s willingness to accept a cut in their wages before their contracts expire in 2011, two of the companies could be in bankruptcy next month. In a case of great irony, Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, whose party rode to a sweeping victory in last month’s elections with strong support of labor unions, last week ended up with all their hopes for an early auto bailout resting in President Bush’s hands.


Most experts estimate that the average UAW worker is compensated about $74 an hour in the total package of wages and benefits, compared to a comparable $45 hourly package earned by employees of domestic manufacturing competitors. Without paring down that $74 figure, it’s unlikely that the Big Three could survive, despite a federal bailout.Although it is politically incorrect to describe the union as greedy, there is no denying that for every union worker who wants to protect his or her $74 package, there are two or three other people - making far less than $150,000 a year - who might lose their jobs.It’s interesting to note that, even after the bailout failure Thursday night, none of the Democrats - not Pelosi, not Reid, not Obama and not Biden - was willing to criticize the UAW directly. It’s as if they are genetically incapable of making that leap.They can shout to the rooftops when making a partisan claim against Republican policy, but when it comes to placing any blame on the UAW, they suddenly have a severe case of laryngitis.
Silence, rather than negative statements about unions? There's a lot of that going around.


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