17 April 2007


I truly believe I have divined the reason that Sanjaya is still on American Idol. It's because Randy, Paula and Simon loathe him! That's got to be it. They are consistently (and appropriately!) ruthless to him. And people continue to vote for him. Very often Americans will go for the underdog; and that is exactly what is going on here, I suspect.

Randy? Paula? Simon? America is flipping you the bird. (Not me, though: I think you're right.)

I can't wait to see what Althouse thinks!

Update: Whoah:

Now, Sanjaya's up, along with his hair. The big thing this week is a kerchief, with frizzy curls sticking out in back. He's smiling and ready to go. The song is "Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About," you know, because, after all, we have been talking about him. And he does give us something to talk about: how hideously he sang that song. Was he even trying?

She's right, though.

Update: Deviant Wife is sooooo jealous. She thinks I have a crush on Melinda, so she's voting for Phil to cancel me out. (Well, Melinda is beautiful; and I love her voice. But no crush.)

Note: I watch American Idol with Deviant Wife because if I do, and keep my mouth shut, she checks the box next to "Quality Time" on my weekly list of things to do.


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