27 April 2007

I’m a transsexual…

You have to admit: that is some headline. It really catches your attention You ought also to admit that you wonder why I think you should know that, or even be interested in knowing that.

it’s not my headline. It’s Mike Penner’s.

But still: why would anyone think that the world needs, or cares, to know that? I know: given that Penner is changing his name from Mike to Christine (one of my favorite girls’ names, by the way – right up there with Anastasia), I suppose some explanation was in order, at least for the sake of his readers.

It’s some of the reaction to the news that has my attention.

For example,
John Amaechi described Penner’s announcement as “incredibly bold and…courageous…. I commend him." Bold and Courageous. Sounds like an ad campaign for a single malt scotch. “Tobermorey. Bold and Courageous.” I like it. I like it a lot. The ad campaign is pretty good, too. But I digress.

Look, Penner can be as tranny as he wants to be. I don’t care. But think about what’s going on in the world right now, this very moment. And while you’re thinking about that, meditate on words used to describe someone who’s informed the world that he’s a transsexual.

Bold. Courageous. Commendable.

You’d think Penner was one of
the famed 300. Or a soldier in Iraq.

I suppose someone can ask me which adjectives I think we should use to refer to those who make relevations like Penner’s. The answer is, I don’t really know. What would we call someone who told the world he had a boil on his butt the size of a quarter?


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