12 May 2006

All we are saying...

…is, “Give slavery another chance!”

I was perusing Freedom Folks blog early this morning, something I still am not doing often enough. I read this post on why politicians are so keen on extending amnesty to illegal immigrants. It is an insightful post on the question, well worth the read—and short. Here’s a relevant sample:

Another example were the years following the civil war. Blacks begn [sic] moving North and getting good jobs, their former masters were furious. If they couldn't have their slaves they would settle for keeping the black folks in what amounted to slavery. Local Democrats refused to allow black folks to be educated and preferred to keep them near and cheap for decades.

Of course, if amnesty is extended, its proponents (and the illegal immigrants themselves) will fall victim to the law of unintended consequences. When these illegal immigrants are no longer illegal they will not have to settle for the garbage level wages they are presently working for. Obviously, the “slave holding class” as FF call them, will need another shipment of slaves, who will work for the garbage wages that the present crop of illegals is working for. And, of course, this new problem for the “slave holding class” will be, in many respects, a bigger problem for the rest of us—but perhaps more especially people like John and Pat King who aren’t safe on their own property!


Publius said...

It is true. Twenty years ago Teddy Kennedy led the fight to grant amnesty to 5 million illegals that were in this country and what did his solution do for this country? Well, twenty years later we have 13 million plus illegals in this country and Kennedy wants to grant them amnesty again. I am sure Kennedy loves America, I am just not sure which one, because it sure isn’t mine.

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