16 May 2006

More on S.2611

Mike Rosen, KOA-AM Denver today interviewed Robert Rector, author of the Heritage Foundation study I mentioned  previously.  Rector told Rosen that S.2611 is “a stealth open border law” and its proponents are trying to ram it through.  He also said that this legislation, if passed as is, will permit  100,000,000 legal immigrants over the next 20 years.  As I read through Rector’s analysis—and portionsof the Senate Bill itself—I continue to just be shocked.  The purpose of this legislation must be to increase the size of the welfare state and, thereby, the entitlement class.  Idon’t really know that, of course.  But I’m at a loss to see the purpose of this sort of legislation.

Now, keep in mind that S.2611 doesn’t contain language to effect that it will do what Rector says it will do.  Rector’s figures are the results of mathematics which are based on what I think are reasonable assumptions.  I also think that his estimates are CONSERVATIVE.  

Fro the sake of full disclosure:  Did I mention that I haven’t finished reading Rector’s analysis or the bill itself?


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