22 May 2006

The Strawman, again

Last week sometime, Lindsey Graham asserted that at least one problem with the idea of deportation of illegal immigrants is, among other things, that we want to criminalize the parents and grandparents of servicemen of hispanic origin.  According to Graham, “Thank you for your service,” we would be saying.  “We’ve criminalized your parents and are deporting them to their county of origin.”  Aside from the tacit assertion that, for Senator Graham, apparently, any serviceman of hispanic origin is here because his parents or grandparents are here illegally, a further problem with Graham’s logic is what happens if that logic is extended to other matters.  For example: What if the parents or grandparents of a serviceman of any origin were arrested for drug-trafficking?  Using Graham’s logic we should refuse to prosecute them for fear of failing to express proper gratitude for our servicemen?  Can you hear how awful it would sound:  “Thank you for your service, but we are sending your parents to prison for drug trafficking.”  How awful!  How ungrateful!

For one thing, illegals are criminals of some type, aren’t they?  Think about that for a moment.  They have broken one or more of our laws.  First, they crossed the border illegally; or, if they crossed legally, they have remained for far longer than they had permission to do.  Second, if they are working, then they are committing social security fraud and identity theft.  Most other people who do these things are criminals, why shouldn’t illegal aliens be also be considered as such?

For another thing, even those of us who see non-deportation as a form of surrender (i.e., we have been, and are being, invaded, and we can do nothing but like it) are not in favor of deporting those who serve our country—or their immediate family members.  But, of course, the line must be drawn somewhere.


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