22 May 2006

Presidential non sequitur

Just heard, during a news break, a clip of the President expressing concern over the “tone” of the illegal immigration debate and repeating, yet again, that we are a nation of immigrants.  Much as I respect the President, I grow weary of his—and others’—reminding us that we are a nation of immigrants.  For the life of me I don’t know anyone who is arguing against immigration qua immigration.  I just don’t know who the President thinks he is giving this reminder.

We are a nation of immigrants; we get that, Mr. President.  But we should be a nation of legal immigrants.  But even if not, Sir, nothing you propose follows logically from your mere assertion that we are a nation of immigrants.  Are you saying, “We are a nation of immigrants; therefore we should see that illegal immigrants receive their (illegally obtained) Social Security benefits”?  If so, then, Sir, please know that we see a non sequitur.  About the only immediate inference from the assertion that we are a nation of immigrants is that we are a nation of people—all of us, even “native” Americans—who come from other continents.

I wish someone would tell the President to stop reminding us that we are a nation of immigrants.  Those of us who are smarter than cultural elites think we are understand both that and the fact that our being a nation of immigrants has, logically, nothing to do with the justifiability of any of the proposals on the table.


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