19 May 2006

It's a red-letter day

The day should not go by without my mentioning that today, my wife and I celebrate 16 years of wearing full marital jackets.  That probably sounds like a strange way to put it.  But my marriage—for you Star Trek fans—is something like the union of a half-Vulvan-half-Klingon (that would be me) to a full-blooded human female.  The battle rages ever so sweetly on.  Kai!  Tai-kleon!  (Well of course I know some Klingonaase.  I have this thing about languages.  And no, I am not one of those losers who go round speaking it to people.)

For you non-Star Trek fans, well, I have little to say to pataqi.  Actually, I should reserve use of that epithet to politicians of a certain (yellow) stripe,  gagnyi tokhi straavi.*

If the rest of my life goes by as quickly as the last 16 years, I’ll be dead soon, and on my way to Stovokor, to the real Kahless.  Kaplah!!!

Okay.  No more Klingonaase.  I promise.

Happy anniversary, “Philologea.”
* “Damned willing slaves.”  To called a willing slave is a huge insult to Klingons.


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