05 May 2006

Kudos to KNUS Denver

From my LP/OP somewhere in the State of Colorado I listen to radio stations from around the country (e.g., Los Angeles, Ca., Austin and San Antonio, Tx., New York, NY.) and around the World (Rio de Janeiro is a lot of fun).  (I have always loved radio.  When I was a boy, I used to stay up late, late at night with my old Satchel-Carlson—I mean “vaccum tube” old—and…. Anyway.)

The day after the Day Without Traffic Congestion (sorry, Day Without an Immigrant) as I listened to various news reports from various stations, each reported the protests of 1 May as protests in support of immigration.

But the newscasters of KNUS-AM radio of Denver, Colorado just about went out of their way to report those protests as protests in support of illegal immigration.  They went so far as to put a great deal of stress on the word illegal.  It was very heart-warming.


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