05 May 2006

Hispanics opposed to illegal Mexican immigration?

You bet. Read this story. Apparently there is a group called Latino Americans for Immigration Reform. The head of that organization, Lupe Moreno, is a Mexican, and so is her sister, the vice president. (Actually, they are Americans. But we get the point.)

Here’s what LAIR have to say of themselves:

Latino Americans for Immigration Reform believe in the rule of law. As descendants of immigrants that came to this country in search of a better life, we recognize that immigrants are of great value to this nation. However, as a sovereign nation, we need to assure that the well-being and social needs of our citizens are met first. Adherence to laws, not circumvention of laws, needs to be enforced.

Darn straight.

LAIR have organized a protest at the President’s Crawford, Texas ranch. They are not some of his biggest fans, at least on the issue of illegal immigration.

It may go without saying, but LAIR are fans of The Minuteman Project.


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