24 May 2006

Zorro vists Aztlan

President Bush, among others, has repeatedly told us that illegals are here to work and that they want to be Americans.  That is why, apparently, they should be given some sort of path to citizenship and social security benefits, despite having crossed our borders in contravention of our laws.

Well, when Mexican president, Vicente Fox was speaking to the Mexican colonists here in the U.S. yesterday, he told them that they were an important part of Mexico’s economy (which is why I have taken to calling them colonists).  He told the colonists that Mexico loves them and misses them.  Isn’t that sweet?  All in all, it doesn’t sound to me as if Presidents Fox and Bush have the same opinion about what the Mexicans are doing here.  Our president seems to view them as future citizens, here for our economic benefit, doing those jobs that we supposedly won’t do.  The Mexican president seems to think they are here for Mexico’s economic benefit,  which brings me to my other reason for referring to the Mexicans as colonists.  Colonies have always existed for the benefit of the mother country, not the individual colonists, or even the colonists in the aggregate.

It is also interesting—for me—to note that President Fox kicked off a four day visit to the U.S. by addressing the colonists in Salt Lake City, Utah, who greeted their president with cheers of “Viva Mexico!”  This area is one of several places believed to be site of ancient Aztlan (on that subject, see this article).  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.


samrocha said...

Hi, I found your blog on a blog search, I enjoyed looking through your blog I will be back to look through the archives, I recently posted on Fox’s visit too, feel free to come and share in the dialogue…


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