19 May 2006

Okay. If this isn't amnesty...

Yes, I heard correctly.  From the transcript at Radio Blogger of Hugh Hewitt’s interview of Mark Steyn (and with reference to this previous post):

Hugh Hewitt:  Today, [the Senate] voted to extend full social security benefits for contributions made while working illegally in the United States.

Now, in fairness, this is a move by legislators, not the President.  But since the President hasn’t made it a habit to veto much (and that’s putting it gently) I think that we can expect this provision to remain intact.

But always remember: This isn’t amnesty.  It isn’t amnesty.  It isn’t amnesty.  Just keep telling yourself that.  As many times as you need to do.

Illegal immigrants engage in identity theft and social security fraud.  And the senate wants to make sure that, no matter what else happens, they get what they illegally have coming to them.  But remember:   It isn’t amnesty.


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