18 May 2006

No, really, it's not amnesty

A speaker at a conference held a few weeks ago by a certain research institute I am afiliated with called me and my ilk to task for not being truthful about the President’s plan.  I and my ilk call it either “stealth amnesty” or “amnesty light.”  The speaker outlined the President’s plan and, focusing on the fines and the fact that the plan only puts illegals on a path to citizenship rather than granting them citizenship by fiat, insisted that this is not amnesty.  Now, of course, I and my ilk, insist that it is not full amnesty, but in the end the still get to stay.  They don’t have to go back to Mexico and wait there, like people from other countries have to do.  We can argue about that, I suppose.  But I just heard on Hugh Hewitt's show (he was talking to Mark Steyn) that there are those in Congress who want these illegals to receive, when their day comes, all of the social security which they “earned” while they were illegal.  So first, they are going to be fined or made to pay back taxes, or whatever.  Then, when they retire, they will get social security as if they had been here legally the entire time of their stay.  Now, unless I have just misunderstood, that is even better than amnesty.  I’ll have to double check (it’ll probably by up at Radio Blogger later) and make sure I heard right.  But then, seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me.


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