11 May 2006

Oh (Big) Brother!

"Are you telling me that tens of millions of Americans are involved in al Qaeda?"  So asks Senator Patrick Leahy.  This because, thanks to yet another leak (thank you loyal Americans in the “intelligence” community), we now know that spy agencies have been secretly collecting records of millions of ordinary Americans' phone calls in order to build a database of all calls within the country.  In other words, these spy agencies are looking for patterns in an effort to identify possible terrorist operatives in the US by comparing called numbers with the known numbers of known terrorists.  It is not unreasonable to me to ask who in the US is calling the known numbers of known terrorists and which known terrorists are calling numbers in the US.  One cannot apparently expect someone as obviously


as Patrick Leahy is to know what information has been provided or what is being done with it.  This is a man who was kicked off the intelligence committee for…uh…leaking.

Like those who keep talking about immigration, instead of illegal immigration, alarmists speak of wire-tapping and domestic serveillance.  No one is trying to find out who you are calling.  We are comparing numbers here:  known terrorists phone numbers and US phone numbers.  There is a big difference.  You are not being watched by the police if, in the course of following a mobster around, they end up at your house because the mobster went there.  And you are not being spied on if, while on stake-out at the lair of a known mobster, the police observe you show up and go into the lair like you’re an old friend.


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