12 June 2006

Coulter tweaks the left’s nose

My friends The Red Sky Brothers have a post which is critical of the left’s treatment of Ann Coulter (mistreatment, actually). Miss Coulter is in “trouble” for some supposedly uncharitable comments she has made about a handful of World Trade Center widows. I just had to leave a comment, being a fan of Coulter’s. But I did want to say more about this. Since the “Comments” section is for comments, and not essays of one’s own, I expand here:

One problem that Coulter has--and it's a problem that any thinking person should have--is that the left like to employ logically fallacious reasoning. And one of their favorites, after ad hominem of course, is the appeal to authority. According to some on the left, these women have "moral authority"--whatever the heck that means--because their husbands died in the WTC. This moral authority, so the "argument" goes, means that any criticism that these women have of the Bush administration is not subject to question or criticsm. Logically (let's give the left their infrequent due) if someone has absolute "moral authority" then someone who questions or ciriticizes that authority is clearly out of line, especially when that authority is (sniff, sniff, sob, sob) a widow. (Note that the widows of other men, who happen to favor Bush policies, are not accorded the same unquestioned "moral authority.") The left, being logically challenged, and therefore preferring emoting to thinking, can hear nothing but "insensitivity" to widows.

One thing that is interesting about the left's reactions to Coulter is that these are the people, in general, who tell us that it's wrong for one group to impose its morality on everyone else (especially if that morality is Judeo-Christian). It seems to escape their notice that in criticising Coulter--applying a moral standard to her, that is--they are imposing their morality on her.

I don't know which angers me more, the left's attacks on Coulter or the fact that they think we don't see the utter hypocrisy displayed in those attacks. Since I happen to think I'm pretty smart—okay, pretty darn smart--it's probably the latter.


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