01 June 2006

O, distracted multitudes!

As we all know, America’s high school seniors are in a long term decline in the areas of math and science. Anthony Bradley, of the Acton Institute, looks at the causes of the problem: rampant materialism and a shallow pragmatism, both of which together devalues true learning.  A corrective for those who think being a conservative is all about materialism and pragmatism, especially when we all know (from listening to the justifications for their policies) that it’s liberals who are shallow and materialistic.

I try to avoid conspiracy theories.  But when I think about what goes on in education, it seems to me that the powers that be in education circles are working hard to ensure that sudents grow up unable to think rationally.  Why?  Such people are easy to lead around.  Unable to think, they will respond to certain “hot button” words, specious arguments (e.g., We are a nation of immigrants; therefore we should have open borders), pretty promises to fill their bellies and provide free housing and health care, as well as speeches about obscene oil company profits.


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