02 June 2006

Please don't help us, Molly. Please.

One of my pet peaves about liberals is that their “arguments” against conservative policies is that, typically, there amount to little more than logically fallacious rants.  Last week Molly Ivins gave us this further example.  In what I think was supposed to be a critique of the President’s handling of the illegal immigratin problem, she presents not a single actual argument.  All she does is list one supposed Republican error after another and those close with the ever present name-calling.  (Of course, you can’t expect much from someone who learned all her logic, if any, at a school of journalism.)

In the name is racist.  Yes, that’s right.  All of us—even us hispanics—oppose illegal immigration because we are racists, Know Nothings, jingoists and anti-foreigner.  When liberals do stuff like this you just know they are responding to stereotypes—racist stereotypes, by the way—which they created.  Ivins and others of her ilk clearly have no idea just who is opposed to illegal immigration.  She assumes that they must be racist white people.  She says we can know that opponents of  illegal immigration are racists merely be reading their websites.  (See why I think she has no idea who she’s talking about?)

Oh, really, Molly.  Do you mean websites like mine, or the Tanker Brothers, or Josue Sierra’s, Eduardo’s, or the Latino Americans for Immigration Reform?  In just what way, Molly, are hispanics who oppose illegal immigration racists?

Hey, Molly, if you really want to help hispanics (I’ll let blacks speak for themselves) then please stop helping us.  The day we need you (and other silly liberal white people) to do anything for us or to say anything truly helpful on our behalf is the day we are truly doomed.  Take Shelby Steel’s advice and get over your white guilt.  Then get out of our way.  You ain’t helping us.


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