05 June 2006

Do we need a federal marriage amendment?

Some people think that you can falsify a proposition by making a statement (especially if it's true) about the person stating the proposition.

There are those who would say that the President and others are simply trying to get the Republican base to vote. Fine. But that assumes that the base would be unmovitated do so without any outside help. Besides, let’s think about this for a moment. In states that have tried to outlaw same-sex marriage, judges in those states have struck down those laws, putting at least those states in the position of requiring such an amendment in order to correct an act of a judge. Now, according to proponents of judicial review, constitutional amendment is the proper—and only—means that the people have for correcting the courts.

It’s maddeningly funny. If Christian-dominated courts did with abortion laws what liberal judges do with the laws, I just bet we’d see a frenzy of proposed constitutional amendments.


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