01 June 2006

Why Mexico has no thriving economy

Perhaps you read this story, or something similar to it, in your local paper.  Most interesting about it, for me, was this portion:

[M]any migrants are making fewer passages back and forth between the United States and Mexico. When they do undertake the…journey, some count on divine protection, stopping at churches, makeshift altars and the tombs of saints on the way. The Roman Catholic Church offers a half-dozen patron saints for travelers, but many Mexican migrants turn to someone not recognized by the church: "Juan Soldado," or Soldier John.
Soldado was a soldier who was falsely accused of the rape and murder of a girl and executed by a Mexican firing squad in February 1938. He is worshipped as a man wronged by those in power….

Superstition is one of the reasons that Mexico and similar countries do not have, and will not have, thriving  economies.  People who believe that some dead guy… more


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