05 June 2006

Freedom loving?

We’ve been told time out of mind (I’ve long wanted to find an excuse for using that phrase) that illegal immigrants are freedom loving people coming here for a better life. As we know, some people—immigrant or not, legal or not—just have not caught the vision of freedom, like for example freedom of debate. Apparently, some freedom loving hispanics will do their best to ensure that people who won’t toe the correct line on illegal immigration don't get to be heard.

One thing I have found intriguing about this whole "debate" over illegal immigration is how many people want the protections that only a nation of laws can provide but at the same time want to pick and choose which of the laws they will obey. (Yes, this raises the issue of civil disobedience, but I just find it telling that descendants of those who once were silenced now do what they can to silence others with whom they disagree. Yes, very telling. These people, who would no doubt criticize us for wanting freedom only for ourselves, tell us by their actions that they are just like us. Yes, very telling.)


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