09 June 2006

A little more on the Third Party issue

Speaking of a third party, my friends Matthew and Lee (here, here, and here) hosted discussions of the issue at their respective sites.

I believe one problem with both parties, and why they end up seeming so much alike, is that they must make their appeal to a broad spectrum of the populace. And the problem is with that populace. Neither party can afford to make its appeal only to its base. (The Democrat base is just as unhappy with their party as the Republican base is with their own.) Both parties must make their respective appeals to a populace which increasingly prefers emoting to thinking. (Thank you, NEA.) With this in mind, it should come—disappointing as it is—as no surprise that both parties end up looking a lot alike.

Professor Carroll W. Powell, of New Geneva Seminary has a biting criticism of this populace. (Hint: put a baseball glove in your pants! This is gonna hurt!)


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