08 June 2006

Prager on target

“It is a remakable statement about the selfishness of Americans that they care more about the price they pay at the pump than they do about what a marriage is.” – Dennis Prager (yesterday). Whatever one thinks is an appropriate definition of marriage, it is an ethical issue. To assert that what happens to my pocketbook is more important that how my society defines something with the ethical implications of marriage is to be self-centered.

I think it is also testimony to just how well marxism is progressing in this. The connection to marxism may not be apparent.
Pat Buchanan explained it to Bill O’Reilly last year. I don’t agree with Buchanon about a lot of things, but I think he was on to something here. Don’t miss the importance of this statement: “There was a communist known as Antonio Gramsci in Italy who argued that this is the only way that Marxism is going to win. And I have to say they are sure making progress and I think they're on the offensive.”


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